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Waste laser toner cartridge shredding machine

Waste laser toner cartridge shredding machine

Waste laser toner cartridge shredding machine
Waste laser toner cartridge shredding machineWaste laser toner cartridge shredding machineWaste laser toner cartridge shredding machine
Update TimeJun 23,2024
Detail Information

Toner Cartridges shredding machine

SUPU SPTC400 toner cartridge recycling machineprofessional for waste laser toner cartridge recycling treatment based on non-explosive technologywith more than 100kg per hour working capacity and integrated constructionthis machine contain high efficiency and safety design dust collection systemdurable and anti-explosion shreddersmart control PLC systemto process the final discharge for mixed material and toner powdereasy control by one person and provide the safety operation.

The toner powder mixed with inert powder as a non-explosive output fraction is separated from all other mixed materials such as steel, aluminum and plastics, all of which can also be separately recovered and sold into their respective scrap markets. The inert powder can be used in production of bitumen (asphalt binder) or consigned to an inert waste landfill.


1.Simple collect the toner powder 

2.Destroyed safety with explosion protection 

3.Easy to control and safety 

4.Only need two person to control this recycling line

5.Toner collection to avoid of explode and pollution when in the shredding.

How to process                             

1. Feeding the toner Cartridges into the shredder,it will shred the toner cartridge and release the toner power;


2. The vibrator discharge port is used to shake and screen out materials and toner. The toner duster collection can remove 85% of toner,the final output materials will be mixed plastic,iron and aluminum。 


3. Air aspiration and dust collection system will connected the whole line to keep collect all the toner powder from the shredded particle. 

Technical Data                             
Shredding materials
waste laser toner cartridge
Shredding width
Shredding capacity
more than 100kg per hour
Feeding port width
10.58 KW / 380V / 50HZ
Machine size
2254(L) *2603 (W)*2480(H)mm
Final Output
Mixed plastic,aluminum,iron,
and separated toner powder
After shredding, Mixed the aluminum,iron,plastic, dust and toner powder.
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