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SUPU High security paper shredder paper pulping machine

SUPU High security paper shredder paper pulping machine

Feb 16,2023

SUPU SPWP500 High security and environment-friendly paper pulping machine

with special design for paper shredding and pulping treatmentfinal output particle higher than DIN 66399 P7 standardSPWP500 uses water recycling system to directly pulping paper, dehydrates after pulping treatment, and the output particle can be used as raw material for paper production and reused . The water used for pulping is ordinary tap water, which can be machine inner use recycled many times, and reduce sewage discharge with environmentally friendly requirement. This machine install with intelligent electrical control system to control and monitor the whole working process.  easy to operate, no special configuration is required, and can be used immediately when plug in the power and connected to external water pipe in office or warehouse. Working capacity is more than 50kg per hour, it is SUPU new generation high security confidential paper destruction equipment.

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