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Industrial SSD Chips/CD/ PCB/ card Disintegrator

Industrial SSD Chips/CD/ PCB/ card Disintegrator

Industrial SSD Chips/CD/ PCB/ card Disintegrator
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Update TimeJun 23,2024
Detail Information
PCB/ Memory Chips / CD / ID cards Disintegrator

High security level requirement for the data destruction and recycling by Gator disintegrator. The hardened, solid steel cutting cylinders have been specifically designed to shred memory chips and PCB. It is also is capable of destroying the small microchips found within credit cards and ID badges.

Instead of on paper, many of us store our most sensitive data on PCB or chips. Not to mention the personal information on our credit cards. But even PCBs, chips, and credit cards sometimes need to be destroyed.


Today’s best PCB crushers make destroying your waste PCBs, chips, and  cards easy. Of course, with the extra shredding power under the hood, they also do a fantastic job of shredding your sensitive papers and documents. Like a paper shredder, a PCB crusher is extremely easy to use. Simply turn the power on and guide the PCB into the machine.



*Shred the SSD Chips, PCB ,Memory chips, any circuit board etc.

*The higher the security requirements for the data destruction

*The smaller the particles the material must be shredded into 

*Top security

*Commercial cross-cut shredder is designed for busy professionals

*Automatically stops and starts for convenience

Technical Data                             
Crushable Materials
PCB/ circuit board/ SSD/Memory Chips, ID card, credit card
Screen Mesh
 1mm² - 5.0mm²
Throughout PCB per hour for 1*1mm²
200-300 kg /hr
Bin capacity 
With air aspiration system
Machine Size
7090(L) x4647(W) x 3888(h) mm
In order to completely destroy the memory chips in solid state media, it is critical to reduce particles to the smallest size possible.
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