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The Structure And Principle Of The Paper Shredder

The Structure And Principle Of The Paper Shredder

Dec 27,2020

The structure and working principle of the shredder: the shredder has two main parts, "paper cutter" and "electric motor", which are closely connected with each other by a belt and a gear. The motor drives the belt and gear, which transmit energy to the paper cutter, which rotates to cut the paper with a sharp metal Angle.

Some shredders on the market offer two or more shredder options.

Different shredding method is suitable for different occasions, if it is a general office then choose section, granular, filamentous, strip can be.

But if it is to use some of the higher requirements for confidentiality of the occasion must be used foam.

At present, the paper shredder composed of four knives is the most advanced way of working, the paper granule of shredder is neat, can achieve the effect of confidentiality.

Shredder cutting principle through the blade or cutting tool dislocation, under the action of the power source will tear the paper.

If the cutter or blade is provided with a tip, the effect of shredding is segmented or granular; if the cutter or blade is provided without a tip, the effect is striped.

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