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How To Choose A Hard Drive Shredding Manufacturer?

How To Choose A Hard Drive Shredding Manufacturer?

Nov 12,2020

You must consider many things when choosing your shredding company. They must follow industry standards, as well as provide you with security at all times. Here are just some of the other things you should look for when choosing a shredding company.

Here are some of the devices they may use:

Hard Drive Crushers – Hard drive shredding devices can be mechanical or automated hydraulic units. These devices combine conical steel punches with the extreme force of up to 7,500 pounds to punch the hard drives. The force works to mangle the drives and bend them beyond repair. Not only are the housings completely deformed but the platters are also smashed entirely. Higher capacity hard drive crushers can process between 500 to 3,500 hard drives per hour.

Solid State Drive Crushers – Since Solid State Drives (SSDs) store data on memory chips, they need special devices for disposal. Expert data destruction agencies use shredding and crushing to eliminate SSDs that contain Personal identifying Information (PII) or Control Units (CUs). SSDs containing more sensitive data need complete disintegration of the memory chips to 2 mm or smaller particles for effective sanitization.

Shearing Devices – Shearing devices have the capability of shredding hard drives into tiny shards using 40,000 pounds of crushing force. They are highly effective for the thorough hard drive disposal of drive platters, housings, and all electronic elements

Combination Shredders – Combination hard drive data shredders can process both standard HDDs and SSDs together. So, if you have a bunch of drives of both types, this device works perfectly.

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