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The Development Of Shredders

The Development Of Shredders

Nov 11,2020

First generation The first generation of transmission mechanism is mostly belt transmission, low noise, but a long time work, the belt deformation stretch, or even fracture phenomenon, belt surface teeth are easy to wear, the occurrence of machine running slip.

The second generation of plastic gear transmission, due to plastic gear injection, shrinkage and other technology is difficult to accurately grasp, resulting in the accuracy of the gear itself is not high, in high speed operation, noise;

Because plastic pieces are brittle, poor toughness, easy to appear broken tooth phenomenon.

Third generation metal sprocket: quiet operation, low energy loss, efficient cutting, cutting system components of the perfect coordination to achieve a convincing function.

The fourth generation shredder transmission mechanism is metal gear transmission, metal gear to overcome the above defects, but due to the installation accuracy of metal mechanism, gear meshing lubrication conditions, long-term operation lubrication effect and other technologies and maintenance of the uncontrollable.

The fifth generation of Emery close core, adopt alloy steel material, metal tool quenching treatment, complete CNC machine tool processing technology, the process to ensure the transmission part of the installation accuracy, so as to reduce wear to the minimum, ensure product quality stability, reduce noise.

Quality assurance;

Super steel all metal gear, special steel roller cutter, high quality high strength motor.

The sixth generation of high-tech multimedia crusher, high technical content;

Can be a large number of broken CD, floppy disk, tape, video, etc.

The button panel with protective film ensures the functions of forward, backward, stop, full paper stop and so on.

The seventh generation CARES about the quality of life today, the product has a higher requirement in terms of environmental protection function, performance safety, therefore, the storage carton partition, motor overheating protection function, automatic stop over load function, storage carton is not closed automatic power cut and other functions are more and more used in.

On the basis of satisfying multi-function and high performance, the shredder's shredding ability, security level and service life have been enhanced by leaps and bounds.

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