Shredder for data destruction and
recycling applications

The heavy duty shredders are designed for a broad application range for security application and recycling application. The shredding machines can be operated as stand-alone solutions or integrated into complex systems where they tend to be a favourite thanks to their very compact design.

Shredding for data destruction

Supu shredder protect your sensitive and confidential data , shred internal and confidential data stored not only on classic paper support but also on optical, magnetic and electronic supports (CD, DVD’s, Floppy, ID Cards, Smart Cards, USB, Hard Disk and so on), thanks to its wide solution range of Shredder, compacting and degaussers.

Shredding for recycling application

Supu solution for recycling supply wide rang of solution for material recycling and waste recycling ,such as metal recycling pcopper recycling ;E-waste recycling ;wooden /paper /cardboard recycling ;medical waste recycling and other waste recycling according to customer’s demand .


Commercial secrets, intellectual property, personal data and other sensitive information are important assets to be protected and properly managed by Corporate, in accordance with security procedures and privacy laws.

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Government and security bureau, police and military department, that need to safeguard national security, confidential and sensitive information stored in paper or other small media supports.

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Media mangement

Banks, telecom and insurance, that need to protect, accurately manage and destroy clients’ personal confidential information, financial Cards, internal sensitive data 

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Companies IT dpt. and electronic equipment manufacturers that need to manage and dispose e-waste

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Mdeia management

Casinos where large amounts of playing cards and dices are to be periodically shredded. 

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Electrical wires and radiators recycling

Copper aluminum wire, armoured cables, car harnesses, tech cables, underwater cables, coils and radiators scrap chopper

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PCB, Weee, E-Scrap and E-waste

Recycling of electric and electronic equipment

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Medical Waste

Medical Waste Plastic ▏Expired ▏Medical Fiber Products ▏Medical Glass Produts ▏Hybrid Medical Waste

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Wood, paper and cardboard

Recycling wood ,treatment of paper, cardboard, waste paper, packaging, confidential documents and waste paper

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Tire recycling shredding process

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