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Consulting services include complete support of a project – from system planning to initial start-up. SUPU project engineers support projects from the very beginning. This includes not only SUPU systems but also integration of purchased parts, such as conveyor belts, and technical design consulting.
supu doesn’t just offer hardware but also provides individual system solutions.
When it comes to demanding systems such as multistage shredder systems, channel baling presses or PET solutions, you can profit from our extensive know-how and broad experience. Our experienced specialists assist you from the very beginning and provide ongoing support and service.
Specializing on the environmental protection equipment
Custom Made
Customization service is welcome and supply all kinds of solutions to different customer requirement
Quality & Service
Good quality ,Nice service ,SUPU has provided products for more than 99 countries and regions

What we do only 1%, but we 100% guarantee the quality !

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Pre - sale

Reply to customers within 24 hours Providing industrial report and total testing solutions
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Have passed the test of QC Meet the international standards Well established method to prevent damage
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Handling complaints within 24 hours, 16 month quality assurance
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Great integration with others